I want this blog to be like a car crusher and I want my pet-peeves to be the car. I don’t want to completely eliminate these thoughts, I’d rather just process them into a little cube that I can keep for later. So, that instead of driving around with them all day thinking things like  ‘I can’t believe that absolute dingle-berry didn’t bother flicking the power switch off after unplugging their charger’, I can take them home and keep them in my shed to show my friends when they come over and get to complain about what a waste of time this cube was and that I wish I had a car still.

The thoughts I’ll be sharing in this blog are too nauseatingly tedious to get even halfway through telling someone on a night out before they look to both sides, check their watch and say ‘hey, i’m just going to go get another drink’ even though their drink is clearly more than halfway full. However, with this blog I’ll have the opportunity to go into excruciatingly explicit detail about the things that’ll leave me bewildered for weeks, usually other peoples stupidity.


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