People that smugly self-proclaim themselves as nerds without exhibiting any of the traits that the stereotype was founded on are the worst types of people.

Fun fact: The word ‘nerd’ was popularised in America in the the early 1990s because the popular people wanted a word to call the less popular people.The popular people were popular because they got drunk all the time, what’s drunk backwards? Knurd, which then became nerd.

Let me get this straight, there’s nothing wrong with being a massive nerd. There are huge positives literally built into the stereotype. High intellect, musically gifted and absolute beasts when it comes to video games. However, it makes absolutely no sense to refer to yourself in this way if you exhibit none of the positive traits and embody all of the negatives. Utterly oxymoronic.

This new wave of nerds don’t wear glasses or worry about a downstairs interruption when Stacey asks them for help with her maths homework. They proudly celebrate their social ineptitude and wear it like a badge of honour. They watch The Big Bang Theory repeats every night in a misguided the delusion they are articulate astrophysicists but in reality would be lucky to muster a  3/10 in history at a local quiz night.

Also, real nerds don’t care what you think. They have a deep passion for the things they enjoy and wouldn’t hesitate to trash talk you betas into oblivion online. They understand who they are enough to not label themselves with an intentionally derogatory stereotype in a feebly transparent attempt to go against the norm.

Not to fear though, I’ve got some tips for these imbecilic pretenders who think that steering into the skid will trick people into thinking they are likable.

  1. You Should stop attaching yourself to a negatively connotative slur because you think everyone is against you, instead start thinking about the things you enjoy doing and the people you enjoy spending time with instead of trying to get others you don’t even like to like you.
  2. Maybe lose some weight.

I’m dead serious that this two-step guide will set you on a new exciting path, unless you prefer begrudgingly pretending you’re this edgy outsider that no one understands just because you haven’t figured out that everyone else knows you lack any substance.


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