People who tell me they hate milk and that’s it’s bad for me should just get a life and get the hell out of my face.

Why bother wasting your breath? What’s milk ever done to you?

‘Human’s aren’t meant to drink cows milk, our bodies can’t handle it and it makes us sick’

Milk makes you sick? It makes me a whole lot sicker that it makes you sick. And I don’t feel bad for you because you claim to be feeling ill. I feel sick because you are putting the bad word down on milk when it just doesn’t deserve it.

Milk’s sick. Coffees, iced coffees, milkshakes. What more could you want?

‘But wait’ you say, ‘You should try milk substitutes like soy and almond milk! They taste great and are better for your body AND the environment!!’

Don’t even get me started on this total farce. Firstly, soy beans and almonds don’t lactate. They cannot be milk. It should be called almond drink. Which sounds disgusting, because it is. I think it’s ironic that to sound more delicious, something as repulsive as almond drink would have to be falsely labelled a ‘milk’ just to appeal to all the yuppies out there. Not only is it not even a milk, it’s only 3% almonds for goodness sake. Come back down to planet earth when you’re done trying to ruin all the best things we have here.

Where do these people get off trying to stop me from getting my 10 essential nutrients each morning? I didn’t hear any babies complaining when they were spending a gigantic portion of their baby life living off milk.

It beggars belief that something as angelic and and seemingly flawless as milk people will still continue to pick at and won’t be satisfied until everyone sees milk in the same dark light as them. It’s a classic case of tall poppy syndrome, people see milk growing so tall and shining so bright, adored by many. Whilst, they squabble in the shadows and bicker about how milk got so awesome and they remained so lame. They conspire to cut it down but once it falls the sun shines on them and everyone can see how disgusting their faces truly are.



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